Chosen Generation – Young Adults Ministry

We want to bring the Word to the young generation; we strive to keep the flame burning in the hearts of youth even after their 18th B-Day! We raise leaders and make disciples that will impact their workplace, colleges, and city. Join God’s Chosen Generation! (Various sub-ministries available).

Worship Ministry

We love to sing and play instruments in a way that will capture God’s attention. We cry out for His presence to be manifested! If God has gifted you with the ability to make sweet melodies with your voice or with an instrument, we’d love to hear you!


If you have a hospitality gift this is the place for you. We are dedicated to helping others feel welcomed and at home the second they enter any of our events. We keep services flowing in an orderly fashion so that everyone enjoys receiving the Word of God at peace. If you have people-skills and have an eye for organizing, you can be an asset to this team.

Talents in Action

We are in charge of allocating the right talent into the right ministry and putting it into action! Help us help others invest their talent, by providing administrative support.

School of New Believers and Discipleship

Work with the team that makes rebirth accessible to new believers. Help new believers feel at home with your hospitality, organization, and people skills. You will help get them baptized, trained, and set free!

Hospital Ministry

Jesus said: “I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me” (Mat. 25:43). And this ministry answers, “Lord, you can count on us to visit you in the hospital, and while we are there we will preach the Gospel to the lost.” Enough said.

Family Ministry

Here we believe that family is priority. We provide council, deliverance, and classes to strengthen this core institution. If you value healthy family life as much as we do, you can help us help others work toward their dream family through your administrative skills and love.


Imagine being part of the success of an event that changes the world. We help execute major events, including our own events. Logistics range from Green Room activities to registration, chauffeuring, catering, production, and more. If you are a people person with organizational skills, this is the ministry for you!